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Animal Repeller Solar Ultrasonic Bird Spike Dog Repellent Rat Cat Pigeon Deterrent Pest Reject Halau Haiwan
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Size (L x W x H) 16 cm x 13 cm x 10 cm
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>>>>> Repeller Solar

The BR-902 Solar powered ultrasonic animal and bird repeller is used to repel all animals (Deer,Cats,Dogs,Bears,Squirrels,Rabbits,Skunks,Bats,Rats,Foxes,Raccoons,Mice and much more) and Birds (Pigeons, Woodpeckers, Seagulls,etc)

How it works

When animals enter protective area, The PIR(Passive Infrared) motion sensor will trigger the repeller to emit powerful ultrasonic wave, strong LEDflashing lights and alarm beeps to frighten unpleasant intruders

Important Information

1)It is recommended to charge the battery via USB cord for the first time use before installation. It usually take 2-3 hours to be fully charged

2)Usually ultrasonic products will not produce instant effect, it may take 10-15 days to deliver the full deterrent effect

3)The device is IP66 protected, but never soak the product in water. Tilting or fallin on ground may cause the device damaged by water during raining

4)The audible alarm is very helpful for deterring some aggresive animals especially birds;however, you can turn it off or turn down the volume if the alarm beeps disturb your neighbour's

5)In case some functions like emetting ultrasound, flashing lights or audible alarm fail after period of time, the battery's power may be depleted. Please try to charge the battery via USB cord to fully regain power.

6)Twist "Audible Alarm" knob to turn on/off alarm beeps, and adjust the volume (Clockwise to turn up the volume). Twist "frequency" knob to turn on/off ultrasonic wave and LED flashing, and choose different frequency bands for differents animals.


Type: animal solar repeller
Quantity: 1pc
Material: plastic + electric component
Color: green / black
Light source: led *14
Battery: 1* 18650 battery
Net weight: 500g/ 17.64oz

>>>> Bird Spike

*100% Effective, safe, permanent solution
*Bird control spikes stop pest birds from landing on surfaces
*Flexible base for mounting on curved & uneven surfaces
*The flexible base allows for installation on surfaces that are both flat & curved.
*Won't Corrode or Decay - Stainless steel spikes are so durable.Completely resistant to rust and decay,
*Easy to Apply and Use.Spikes are easy to apply with adhesive, nails, screws and tie-downs
*Cut down on cleanup & repair costs
*Protect buildings, equipment, & vehicles from corrosive bird droppings
*Reduce health & liability risks associated with pest bird infestation

Anti Bird Spikes, also known as an anti-roosting spike or roost modification, is a device consisting of long, needle-like rods used for bird control.
They can be attached to building ledges, street lighting, and commercial signage to prevent wild or feral birds from perching or roosting.

Where to Use Spikes:
Edges, ledges, windowsills, rooftops, parapets, cornices, beams, girders
Lights, towers, aerials, HVAC installations, entryways, porches

Easy to install with
Screws & Bolts / Silicone adhesive / Wire / Nails